About Our Store

ABK USA is specialized in smoking accessories. We offer you everything for smoking with quality since 1996.

Our products are being produced from premium quality French paper and our Pre-Rolled Cones are being made in Indonesia.

Whatever you are looking for, we have it in our range. In addition, we can also print logos or texts on products. It is possible to print a lighter or tip books. Contact us to receive more details.

We are a large manufacturer and wholesaler in the Netherlands with thousands of regular satisfied customers all over the World with significant number in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and more. Our main customers are smoking accessories shops, smartshops, headshops and coffeeshops. 

We are also able to deliver all over the world.



The main pillars that determine our values are:

Care about environment

Ensure that our producers are ecofriendly and they take care about carbon footprint


Using the latest techniques to provides innovative product solution and to minimize delay, and to reduce any waste that occurs in production process

Customer experiences

Listening is crucial and therefore we care about our customer’s opinion to provide personal attention


Working together with shops, smartshops and etc. to assure that our products are easy to buy wherever and whenever.


How our products are being made?

Few words about our Pre Rolled Cones...

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Few words about our Rolling Papers...

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Few words about our Filtertips...

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Few words about our Joint Tubes...

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Offers top quality products to meet the expectations of diverse customers. Also at the most reasonable and affordable price. Expand the market to USA. Making it easy for any smoke shop to supplement their range. Smoking with quality, that's what we stand for.



Thrive to raise awareness to become the most worldwide known brand of smoking accessories. Further, help others to understand benefits coming from innovative and creative products that lead to enjoyable smoking experiences.


Enjoy Life!